Give back without reaching further into your pocket.

What makes GB2S unique?
You do not have to ask people or businesses for money. You choose where the donations are sent. Unlike most fundraisers that only pay one time, the donations automatically continue with every renewal.
What kind of insurance qualifies?
All Personal Insurance, including home and auto.
All Business Insurance, including workers comp and liability.
All Group Insurance, including medical and dental.
Do I have to change insurance companies?
Not if you are with one of almost 200 insurance companies that GB2S represents. Your existing policies may already qualify for the automatic donations to start.
What if my current insurance company is not represented by GB2S?
With so many choices, GB2S will find the best rate to save you money.
Does it cost anything extra?
There are no additional fees. In fact, most people and businesses are saving money every month.
Who else can I ask to benefit my school or non-profit?
The money extended family, friends, co-workers, and businesses already pay for their insurance can also help your cause.
What is Legacy Giving?
Donations are made in your family or business name on active policies year after year.

"This is fantastic!
Your team is always supporting our group, and we appreciate it so much!"
Suzanne S