Happy donors share their successes.

“Not only were they extremely nice and easy to work with, but we also saved money!  We ended up saving over $400, but we’ve had friends who saved $1000!” Lisa L.


“I switched my agent to GB2S where I am now getting excellent service, great advice, and they give donations back to my local Theatre Arts program!” Bill B.


“This is an awesome way to not only help your family but also your organization. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I promise!” Deanna R.


“I asked GB2S to donate to my daughter’s golf team, and to my surprise, they also saved me $350 on my insurance. I’ve never heard of raising money by saving money! - Darrin F.


“This is fantastic! Your team is always supporting our group, and we appreciate it so much!” Suzanne S.


“This fundraiser is so easy and effective. Thank you for helping us meet the increased need for our programs.” Jill T.


“After talking to GB2S, they were able to find a better policy for us and save our family $2000 on our insurance! It’s definitely worth talking to them. Plus, their customer service is top notch.” Cheri J.