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The Vulnerable Children’s Foundation


We are excited to announce that GB2S is now supporting the Vulnerable Children’s Foundation (VCF) with annual donations! The goal of VCF is to enroll African children into a secular educational setting while they are young, giving them religious and moral values to protect them from the prominent social norms in their society – primarily the AIDS epidemic.

The VCF works directly with the Lutheran Church of Central Africa (LCCA) to look for Lutheran congregations that have the ability to serve as the foundations for these new schools. There are two schools that are currently in operation in Kaunda Square, Lusaka, Zambia and Matero, Lusaka, Zambia. There is a third location that has been identified in Chimwe, Zambia. Donations are brought forth by people through the VCF to fund tuition, which measures to about $250 per student per year.

What are the characteristics of a “vulnerable child”? Many children are orphans in Zambia due to the AIDS epidemic. Some are cared for by relatives or friends, yet some are left to fend for themselves. Some do have stable home environments and access to education and some do not. Either way, they are surrounded by an environment that is consumed by cultural norms of promiscuity and therefore, AIDS spreading like wildfire. By getting these children into schools to learn and to lead their generation away from that path to AIDS, a difference can really be made.

GB2S is so happy to be supporting the building of these schools in Africa and the bright future of those children. Visit to learn more about VCF.

To donate to VCF through GB2S, go to and click the “SIGN UP NOW” button. Then designate Vulnerable Children’s Foundation as the “Name of the Booster Club 1″.

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